Illegal deforestation & land-grabbing and related trade & finance

Earthsight is at the forefront of global research and investigations into illegal deforestation and land-grabbing, associated trade in timber and other commodities, and related financing.

Earthsight's in-depth research into the world's largest multinational logging and oil palm plantation corporations (including desk research, satellite image analysis and field investigations) led the world's largest sovereign wealth fund to divest from and 'blacklist' many of these companies. This blacklisting in turn helped prompt some of these firms to improve their policies and practices.

Working with major environmental and human rights organisations, Earthsight has carried out research and undercover investigations which have exposed illegalities and abuses of indigenous people's rights in industrial logging and commercial agricultural development in Indonesia, Malaysia, East Africa and the Congo Basin. Using painstaking research including undercover work, Earthsight has also tracked complex supply chains in order to make market connections between illegal and unethical timber and palm oil production in developing countries and products on sale in Europe, Japan and the USA. In eastern DR Congo and South Sudan, Earthsight has documented the role of illegal logging and associated trade in fuelling corruption, conflict and associated human rights abuses. Earthsight has also carried out research and provided relevant training to enforcement agents and non-government watchdogs in Liberia and the Philippines.

Earthsight is currently expanding its research and capacity building in this area under direct grants from the Ford Foundation and UK government.

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