Earthsight is committed to harnessing the unique power of primary investigative research to bring attention to pressing issues of human rights and environmental justice. We aim to get to the core of an issue, using a range of investigative research methods to obtain first-hand, documented evidence of crimes against both people and the planet which is irrefutable and impossible to ignore. By following the money and tracing the supply chains, our research also aims to expose the complicity of consumers and financiers in abetting these abuses.

Since its foundation in 2007, Earthsight has tackled a wide range of issues, from electronic waste smuggling to conflict timber. We have conducted field investigations in a range of countries in Africa and Asia, and worked with many major campaigning organisations, including Global Witness, Greenpeace, ActionAid, Oxfam and the Environmental Investigation Agency. Earthsight's work is funded through partnerships with campaigning NGOs and through direct grants from charitable foundations and government aid agencies.

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